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7 Tips for Building a Room Addition

If you want more home space, consider building a room addition instead of looking for a bigger home. The investment can increase livable square footage while increasing a home’s value. Even when you plan to sell your home, you’ll probably recover many of your remodeling costs.

Perhaps your family or kids are growing or want a home office since the pandemic has ruined your way of life. Whatever your life changes are, a room addition near the Tampa Bay area can furnish your family with extra space while permitting you to stay home without moving to a bigger home.

While taking on a home remodeling project that adds value, knowing where to begin can be the best solution.

1. Decide your Objectives Before Building your Home Addition

It might appear to be an undeniable truth, but sitting down with your spouse and discussing the objectives of building a home addition is essential.

First, determine what a room addition will accomplish for yourself and your family, besides whether the expense and interruption will be worth the effort.

Ensure to do a review of your home and take a look at how these changes can improve your lifestyle.

2. Room Additions Come in Various Shapes and Sizes

Below are ways that you can add liveable space to your property:

  • A bump-out.
  • A room addition.
  • A second-story addition.
  • Kitchen or bathroom remodeling.

3. Build a Room Addition that Meets your Particular Requirements

When considering a home addition, ensure you have an objective of what you need to achieve or why you are trying to add space. A few examples of room remodeling are:

  • You can expand the size of the kitchen with a bump out.
  • Consider expanding the living room or adding a second bathroom.
  • Build a second-floor addition because you have no more room to expand east or west.
  • Use your empty garage space to make an office with all the amenities you have at your building’s office.

While working with an expert home builder, you will have endless possibilities to expand with a warranty!

4. Handle other Requirements when Building a Room Addition

Have you considered doing multiple projects while doing your room addition? Your new entire house renovation is how a previously unused space in the house is changed to fit many requirements.

Maybe the top floor was once an unusable storage attic. It currently houses a bedroom, a bathroom, and a new laundry room with some storage space. While arranging your room addition, you could address many issues quickly in the same area! Imagine having an extra bedroom with a bathroom, laundry, and storage space; it’s incredible!

5. Know What is Included While Planning a Remodeling Project Budget

While working with a contractor, knowing what house remodeling costs are included in the budget is vital. Ensure to ask about permit costs, design concepts, material choices, engineering or architectural services if necessary, labor, etc. Also, ask whether your remodeler provides a warranty for its work and materials.

6. Building a Room Addition allows you the opportunity to Reinvent your Entire Home

Have you considered how new custom kitchen cabinets look or replace your aging hardwood floors with porcelain tiles? A home remodeling project is the opportunity to complete all the home remodelings.

Since you have been working closely on building a new room with a Tampa Bay general contractor, it’s advantageous to consider doing other remodels on the rest of the house. Consider upgrading appliances, changing old ceramic floors for porcelain tiles, or improving the home’s natural lighting with energy-efficient replacement windows in Clearwater.

7. Capitalize on a Free Room Addition Consultation

A room remodel can be an excellent investment for many reasons. A free consultation will prepare you for the Sarasota, FL, room addition project. We can work with you to determine your objectives for that room addition and help you make a viable budget.

We will explain the pros of room addition and its benefits for your home.