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A Kitchen Renovation Project Timeline

The kitchen is an essential room in your house, so it is a must to understand your kitchen renovation project timeline. The kitchen is where you prepare and serve food to loved ones and socialize with friends and family members.

With such a high level of importance placed on this room, it’s no surprise that homeowners often put off remodeling their Tampa, FL, kitchens until they have to. However, there are many benefits associated with completing a kitchen renovation project:

3 Kitchen Remodeling Pros

1) Remodeled kitchens can increase property value.

2) Remodeling will also provide an opportunity for new design concepts that may not have been implemented.

3) Kitchen renovations help bring old homes into modern times!

Please read our post below if you have yet to start your kitchen remodeling project and are worried about the timeline.  With a reliable kitchen remodeling team, we can plan out your project without headaches to you.

Kitchen Renovation Consultation

The first thing to do in your remodeling project planning is to consult with your professionals.  We recommend meeting with a kitchen renovation expert to discuss your project timeline and what you want.

You will sit down and discuss all of the details for your new design, including:

  • Types of cabinets (i.e., custom, semi-custom, stock)
  • Countertops (granite or quartz)
  • Timeline
  • Design

After your consultation, consider perusing the internet or Pinterest for some kitchen images. It will help your designer plan an idea of your style. So call your nearest kitchen remodeling contractor today for your free consultation!

Select your Kitchen Design

Next, you will select your kitchen design and layout. Again, your designer should have several different kitchen designs to choose from or create one for you.

You can choose many designs based on your needs and functionality. They will help you pick to find the perfect fit for your home. Depending on your and the kitchen remodeling contractor’s scheduling, the process usually takes a few weeks.

Once all the details are selected, your design is done and ready to go!

Kitchen Renovating Project Planning

After choosing the proper kitchen design, the experts can begin the project planning. During this time, you can also pick your cabinets and countertops.

This process is essential because it can take a lot of time for the kitchen remodelers to assemble all the details needed to begin construction. Your project should start within a few weeks from now!

In addition, they will keep updating you on the step as the kitchen remodeling process begins.

Kitchen Installation Timeline

Kitchen installation can take about three weeks to 5 months. The step includes the demolition of your kitchen by tearing out all the old cabinetries. After, they can install your electrical, plumbing wires, and pipes to work with your new appliances and light fixtures. Once they have configured the plumbing and electricity, flooring and cabinet installation can start. Usually, these two installations can take each three days to complete.

The longest part of your modern kitchen installation is completing and installing your countertops. It can take a few days to one week, depending on the size of your kitchen. Lastly, the experts will include the backsplash and tile into your design scheme, giving your home more style and personal taste.

How Long Does A Full Kitchen Renovation Takes?

So, according to HDTV, your kitchen makeover should take, on average, about 3 to 5 months to complete.

In Conclusion, to Kitchen Renovation Project Timeline

When it comes to design, we’ve got you covered. Our expert team has the necessary skills and experience to help you plan a kitchen that will be perfect for your home.

If you want more information on our services or a free in-home estimate from Premiere Builders & Remodeling, contact us today!