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Best Tips for an Excellent Bathroom Remodel  

Are you in the market for an excellent bathroom remodel near you? If so, you’re not alone. In fact, according to Remodeling Magazine’s 2022 Cost vs. Value Report, “a minor bathroom remodeling ranks as the homeowners’ third popular improvement project to deliver the highest return.” But before you start picking out tile patterns and fixtures, consult with a Tampa bathroom remodeling contractor near me first.

After all, bathrooms are notorious for being one of the trickiest parts of renovating a home. That’s why we’ve compiled five tips to guide your renovation process and help create the perfect space for your needs!

1.) Consider the Position of your Door and the Toilet

Have you ever walked in on your aunt or a friend and found them without clothes? But it’s much worse if you walk into a bathroom and see them doing number 2.

You can make it worse by visually making eye contact with the individual you just walked in on. You will embarrass yourself and them, but honestly, it was your fault for not knocking and theirs for not locking the door!

So, before an embarrassing situation occurs while renovating a bathroom, consider your toilet and door placement. When your entryway opens up to an immediate view of your toilet, think about moving the toilet to another part of the bathroom. On the other hand, put the toilet in its region with a sliding glass door, so the bathroom has better privacy!

2.) How Long Does It Take To Remodel A Bathroom?

In what timeframe does your bathroom remodel need to be finished? Do you have a new family member moving in or doing a significant house holiday party this year?

The due date for your new bathroom remodeling is significant for many reasons, like above! However, as time passes, you must keep your head up and keep motivating your kitchen contractors from slacking off your due date.

Consider discussing your due date with your renovating contractor when hurrying to finish the project.

I recommend not thinking it would take a week to complete the project since it can take an average of 23 days to a month to finish building a small bathroom! Broken pipes and material tardiness can delay construction timeframes.

3.) Look for Inspiration On Bathroom Remodeling Websites

excellent bathroom remodel found in Pinterest

Inspiration comes from looking at photographs of how different homeowners have built their excellent bathroom remodels, unless you’re a designer.

Whether you find inspiration online or at a friend’s home with that fantastic bathroom, note what you’re attempting to accomplish.

Pinterest can be an incredible website for excellent bathroom remodel ideas. Make a board with all the bathroom remodels you like based on the style and appearance you want for your bathroom. Your thoughts will aid the construction and design process since they give you a reference to look at when you get lost.

Before hiring a bathroom renovation contractor, having a vision is helpful.

4.) Make an Excellent Bathroom Remodel Budget

Indeed, even a small bathroom project needs a budget. Remember that you will pay for materials, permits, labor, and surprise expenses.

Put aside extra cash just in case your renovation project has unexpected difficulties. Broken pipes, tiles, warped wood, mold, old wiring, and more can toss a curveball into your bathroom remodeling plans. Having extra cash prevents the curveball from ruining your time frame.

We suggest making a larger budget or getting a loan for a significant bathroom remodel project.

If you don’t use the extra cash, you could spend it on decorations like towels or soaps or save it for another project like kitchen remodeling.

5.) Know When to Hire a Bathroom Remodeling Contractor

Hiring a bathroom remodeling company or contractor can save you from many headaches.

For instance, painting your bathroom is something you can easily do. However, removing a toilet or old tile and completing a bathroom renovation might be something you must pass on to the specialists.

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