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Top Bathroom Renovation Mistakes to Avoid

Each year, homeowners make many bathroom renovation mistakes that can be costly and horrible in appearance. However, bathrooms are one of the main selling features of a house, and even minor and excellent renovations can pay off big when it comes time to put your home on the market.

Additionally, updating a bathroom allows homeowners to show off their style, update their shower aesthetics, and ultimately get the dream bathroom they’ve always wanted.

Nevertheless, regardless of the popularity of bathroom remodeling and its many advantages, many homeowners need help. The simple explanation is that renovations frequently need to be corrected to the many variables bathrooms have. Yes, mistakes may occur, but deciding to remodel a bathroom in Tampa Bay can become a stressful situation when they cost money.

Let’s read the top bathroom remodeling mistakes to avoid.

Lack of a Bathroom Remodeling Plan

You can avoid encountering problems that impair your bathroom workflow by planning beforehand. A bathroom is a complex project comprising practical and aesthetically pleasing plumbing, heating, ventilation, electrical, flooring materials, and other components.

The majority of renovation work is done in a precise order, so if an essential component is unavailable when needed, the entire project will be delayed. Because the project takes a long time, planning will enable you to reduce the time you have an unavailable bathroom.

Miscalculating the Price of a Bathroom Renovation

Obtaining an accurate price for a bathroom redesign is unlikely if you set your budget before researching or getting a quote. Remember, bathroom tiles, cabinets, sanitary ware, and tapware have various alternatives and prices.

The first step in conducting product research and calculating your bathroom budget is to look through Pinterest and a few reliable websites because it gives you an idea of how much you’ll spend to achieve the look you want.

The 2022 remodel cost of a bathroom in Florida is $22,760, and the recoup was 69%

Budgets for workers and contractors are essential, and you should also include a 20% backup cash to cover any unforeseen mistakes or expenses.

A Bathroom Renovation Big Mistake is Not Expanding the Storage

Prioritize storage space while renovating your bathroom is necessary. Making much space is crucial because we spend a lot of time in the bathroom. Lack of storage can reduce the use of your bathroom and make it unserviceable.

Ensure you include sufficient storage for items in the bathroom, such as cosmetics, toiletries, towels, and prescriptions. To keep towels off the floor, hang hooks on the wall. High-end storage options include well-lit cabinets.

Bathroom Mistake-Inadequate Ventilation and Lighting

You must balance bathroom lighting and ventilation because a dark, moist bathroom is unattractive. In addition to ensuring proper air circulation, ventilation makes removing hazardous particles, dampness, intense aromas, and fine dust from space simple and quick. Adding adequate ventilation can bring fresh air in and prevent mold growth.

Lighting should emanate from many places, at varying heights, and use both natural and artificial sources. A bathroom should have enough lighting, especially at the vanity and mirror. Consider adding proper windows or skylights to maximize natural light. A backlit mirror adds elegance and usefulness at night besides offering adequate bathroom illumination.

Bathroom Renovation Mistake-Choosing the Incorrect Tiles

Homeowners can use tiles for floors, walls, baths, etc. But each style of tile has a specific area permitted for use. Check where you can safely and adequately use tile before you fall in love with it for the bathroom floor. The functionality must come first when selecting finishes for a wet area design. Take plenty of time when choosing bathroom tiles to ensure that the material, color, texture, and size are all appropriate.

Ceramic and porcelain tiles are excellent for your Tampa, FL, bathroom remodeling project since they look lovely and can endure temperature changes, water exposure, and regular use. In addition, you may utilize marble as a contemporary luxury bathroom trend for your flooring or backsplash.

Use a grout and tile sealer to shield it from moisture and humidity, which may cause stains, mold growth, and discoloration.

A DIY Bathroom Renovation is a Significant Blunder

Homeowners will need a home remodeling contractor in Tampa for their projects, particularly ceramic installations. Leave it to the pros, even if laying the tile may seem simple. Repairing a DIY project mistake will cost significantly more money than hiring experts to do it correctly the first time.

A skilled installer will advise you on how many tiles to order so you receive only a few unaffecting your budget. Moreover, they will also lay out the tiles before grouting them in place so that you can modify the plan. Consider leaving the ceramic installation to a professional. If the tile is cut at an incorrect angle or size, it will be challenging to correct the mistake once the grout has dried.