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Top Kitchen Renovation Mistakes to Avoid

Kitchen renovation mistakes can be seen and felt because it is one of the rooms used most frequently. Many homeowners find that remodeling their kitchens in Tampa can be quite expensive; it’s also an investment that can last for many years and raise the value of your home. 

However, before starting your kitchen renovation project, consider a few essential things, such as planning and the budget. If you don’t, you can make some frequent mistakes that homeowners make while remodeling their kitchens.

Forgetting Your Budget 

Make a budget for the kitchen makeover before anything else, and choose the things most essential to you. Then, spend your money wisely; add more cabinet and drawer space, a kitchen island, a dedicated pantry, and more lighting.

Then, continue referring to your budget while your Tampa Bay home remodeling team works to ensure you remain on schedule with each renovation project.

Failure to Properly Plan a Kitchen Renovation

The most significant error homeowners make during kitchen remodeling is neglecting to plan adequately. An ultimate beginning and end are necessary for a successful kitchen renovation.

I’m not talking about how it looks, but how you and your family will live in your new home with your new kitchen since it’s a significant part of your daily life.

Selecting the Wrong Flooring for The Kitchen

Are you planning to use hardwood flooring in your new kitchen? Well, the wood choice is crucial. Therefore, consider choosing wood that has been properly finished; a sealed, pre-finished hardwood is a good option.

A textured finish, such as hand-scraped, can give a more incredible grip while concealing damage from kitchen wear usage. Keep in mind that hardwood might be slippery. Consider using hickory wood to minimize damage and resist repeated use and drops.

Since the kitchen is the room where accidents happen the most frequently, it is critical to safeguard these areas. Use rugs or mats near the dishwasher, sink, refrigerator, and pantry.

If you don’t like wood flooring, consider tile and call an expert for installation.

Selecting the Incorrect Kitchen Outlet Wiring

Professionals advise against wrongly wiring your kitchen’s outlets to 15 amp breakers while remodeling a kitchen. Instead, a kitchen should have multiple accessible outlets on dedicated 20 amp outlets.

Moreover, use a dedicated 20 amp outlet for higher power output on all kitchen counter outlets. These outlets should be protected by an arc fault and ground fault circuit protector to avoid electrical fires or injury.

Another Kitchen Renovation Mistake is not Preparing for Delivery

You must have a strategy for how and when the parts, supplies, and building materials you purchase from different vendors will arrive and a location to keep them. For example, given the lengthened time frames for items, you could immediately buy a countertop but not have appliances for another few months. So, where will you store the countertop until it’s time for installation?

Additionally, some items are delivered on pallets, in big boxes, or even in crates. Can pallet deliveries be made to your house? Unfortunately, many others are unable to. Therefore, you’ll have to bring the new stove inside if a truck delivery service leaves it outside.

However, you have greater freedom if you order from a showroom, for example, appliances, plumbing, and lighting items. When you need the supplies, they will transport your goods or store them if an issue arises, often at no additional expense.

Do Not Do A DIY Kitchen Remodeling

Speaking with a kitchen remodeling expert before starting is crucial since it is expensive.

Do an online search for the best kitchen remodeling contractors in Tampa Bay and choose the company that best suits your needs.

Although DIY gigs are fun, a kitchen renovation isn’t one of them. Instead, hire a qualified contractor to assist in the planning and budget of your kitchen remodeling. Furthermore, they can offer expert advice and tips and hire other subcontractors to handle plumbing and electricity.